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Az EU-ba való belépésünkkel egyre több külföldi választja Szarvast otthonának, vagy második otthonának. Ezekkel az emberekkel óhatatlanul is összefutok az internet kávézóban, ami a köldökzsinórt jelenti nekik az otthoniakkal való kapcsolattartásban. Látva a város iránti lelkesedésüket előbb-utóbb mindig eljutottam ahhoz a kérdéshez, hogy „miért pont Szarvas”, mit lát ebben az alföldi településben, amit sokszor annyian ununk, és sokszor elkívánkozunk innen akár végleg is? Annyi idegentől megkérdeztem már, hogy elhatároztam, összeírom az érveiket. Legutóbb egy kedves osztrák sógorral, Alexander Lorenzzel hozott össze a sors, aki történetesen az ORF tudósítója, közvetített a foci EB-ről, az olimpiáról, Ausztráliában él 14 éve, jön-megy a nagyvilágban, 51 országban járt, de már második éve, hogy rendszeresen visszatér városunkba. Olyannyira jól érzi itt magát, hogy vett egy tanyát, amit felújíttatott, és ebben az évben már több hónapot tölt nálunk. Annyit beszéltünk már vele erről, hogy tudta, mire vagyok kíváncsi, nagyon unszolni sem kellett. A newjság névválasztásánál azért döntöttem emellett a hülye név mellett, mert szándékom szerint nem minden tartalmat akartam magyarul megjelentetni, így ehhez hűen most álljon itt az ő szarvasi története – angolul.

Alexander Lorenz is working as a Journalist in Australia and owns a little Tanya near Szarvas in Sirato. He has been to 51 different countries but is in love with this part of Hungary. Here is his report about what is so special about this town:

I was filming in the Australian desert at a place called Kalgoorlie.This place is in Western Australia in the middle of nowhere Temperatures 50 plus in Summer and minus 10 in the Winter. One of the most unpleasant places I have ever been to. There is absolutley nothing but dust. We did a story about a Serbien guy called „The Superdriller”, who worked in one of the Mines there. His job was to drill big holes in  the rock hundreds of meters underground. He made a lot of money and the only place to spend it was a Pub in the middle of town where he could get drunk. In the interview I have asked him if he misses Europe and if he would not like to go back there? His answer surprised me: „I have got everything here Mate! Why should I go anywhere else?”

When I first came to Szarvas last year I was full about prejudice about Hungary and its People. My Grandfather used to come with me from Vienna where I was born to have a look. At this time Hungary was still very badly affected by Communism everyone was very poor asking for Schillings and the waiting time at the border was hours. For us everything was cheap but not really that great. Later on I went serveral times to Budapest and Lake Balaton but I never felt really welcome and often being ripped of by Grumpy Hungarians or Cheats.

All of this bad feelings disappeared just after a couple of days in lovely Szarvas. My first encounter with real Hungarian Hospitality was in the Regimodi Etterem just outside of town where I had my best Hungarian Meals ever. In particular I was falling for the Pac Tribe Gulash but also the Halaszle and the Sweets were excellent. I was staying in a nice newly built Country House called the Nemes Haz. Just two Houses away was an unhabitated Tanya, basically a ruin but with a sealed traditional Reed Roof. So the house was still dry. I instantly liked this place and was able to find the owner who sold it to me plus 6000 squaremeters of Land for a fair price. I found a very reliable builder and within 6 Month the house was completly renovated. After my return from Australia I moved into the house this summer and I am really happy there living in some ways a traditionel Hungarian Country Life with all the Western Comfort of Gas, Water, Electricity and even Central Heating.

The ony real barrier in Szarvas to overcome is the Hungarian Language which is basically impossible to learn but many times I either brought a translator from Austria or after some time managed to find some English or German speaking people in town.

In the beginning I was really worried about loosing money or being overcharged here, but as it turned out there was no reason for my worries. The builders did a fabulous Job and kept the old feeling of the house intact. Now I am really enjoying the great infrastructure of Szarvas with the Indoor Swimming Pool, the Liget Resort and the Arboretum. I also go to  the Internet cafe of my friend Zoltán almost everyday to find out what is happening outside of Hungary. A big bonus of this Region is the really beautiful warm summers with plenty of sun. Just a great way to relax and to have an excellent value for money holiday with no worries!

Summary: To me it seems like there is two parts of Hungary, West and East of the Danube.

In the first years I never went so far to the East and only encountered the Hungary of the Mass Tourism. This was not such a nice experience for me and probably for many other Tourists.

In contrary Szarvas is a very special place with lots of potential for Tourism, also a dead arm of the Kőrős River runs next to the town ideal for swimming. I am feeling really welcome here and I am planning to spend all my summers here in my country house in Sirato. To me  the statement of the Superdriller from Kalgoorlie makes really sense: „Why Should I go anywhere else Mate! I have got everything here!” Superdrillers brain must have been affected either by too much alcohol from the pub, or from fumes and gases underground. I know my brain is 100 percent ok and I really love Szarvas and its people, what a comparison to Kalgoorlie this lousy place int he middle of the desert!

Alexander Lorenz magyar vizslájával, Piroskával.

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